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Powerpack MPM-30

Lightweight lithium-ion battery
Can be used as an on-board battery
Full charge and discharge

Powerpack MPM-30

Put your caravan in the right place in no time using the Mestic Powerpack MPM-30. This lightweight lithium-ion battery with LiFePO4 technology is very safe and maintenance free. Because of its powerful output, you can use it for caravan movers or as an on-board battery.

Battery for caravan mover

The Mestic lithium-ion battery is designed to deliver a lot of power in a short time. This makes the 30 Ah capacity battery ideal for caravan shunting systems. In addition, the Powerpack MPM-30 can also be used as an on-board battery. This allows you to supply all 12 V devices in your camping vehicle with the necessary power. The LiFePO4 technology of this li-ion battery has some major advantages. For starters, it is more compact and lightweight. When stored, it also loses little power, making it maintenance free and durable. However, we do recommend charging the battery once every 6 months to prolong its life. In addition, the LiFePO4 battery uses 100% of the battery before shutting down. Unlike lead-acid batteries, which tend to use only 50-60% of their capacity before needing to be recharged.

Combined with a mover, the Mestic Powerpack MPM-30 can shunt a 2000 kg caravan for over 30 minutes. The shunting time always depends on the brand and type of mover, the total weight of the caravan, the surface and the gradient.

Main benefits

  • Capacity: 30 Ah
  • Lightweight lithium-ion battery
  • LiFePO4 technology: full charge and discharge
  • Ideal for caravan movers or as an on-board battery
  • Maintenance free and long service life
  • Incl. internal charger and bottom mount

LiFePO4 battery: durable and safe

Looking for a durable battery for the caravan mover? When fully charged and discharged, this lithium-ion battery has a long service life of 2000 cycles. The built-in LED lights tell you exactly when the battery needs recharging. This can easily be done with the included charging cable or with a car charger while driving (not included). Don't worry about battery safety. It is protected against undercurrent and overcurrent, short-circuits and extreme temperatures. In addition, you easily install the Mestic lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) yourself. It is compact, has an internal charger and comes with a bottom mount.

In short: are you looking for a powerful, durable and lightweight battery for your caravan mover? Then look no further, because the Mestic Powerpack MPM-30 has it all! The lithium-ion battery is also available in 12 Ah and 20 Ah capacities.

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Article number 1517950
Connection voltage 12 V
Dimensions 25 x 17,5 x 12 cm
Battery capacity 30 Ah
EAN-code 8712757470402
Weigth 6 kg
Maximum current 60 A
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Powerpack MPM-30

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