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Quartz heater MQK-200

2 settings: 400-800 W
Halogen heating
Touch and fall protection

Quartz heater MQK-200

The Mestic quartz heater MQK-200 means you can enjoy pleasant warmth, at home or on the campsite, any time. This electric heater heats the environment as well as objects and people in the vicinity. Turn on the heater to the desired heat setting and it will be lovely and warm in no time.

Halogen heater for extra heating

The quartz heater with halogen heating is ideal for heating the tent or a small office. Whatever enclosed space you put the heater in, it won't let you down. The halogen heater works incredibly quickly thanks to the two heating tubes that emit light and heat. The reflector at the back ensures that the heat is distributed evenly. Sit in front of the heater and you are guaranteed to keep warm!

Key benefits

  • 2 heat settings (400W – 800W)
  • Halogen heating
  • Touch and anti-tip protection
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Dimensions: 15 x 27 x 37 cm (lxwxh)

Compact and safe heater

Due to its compact size, light weight and integrated handles, the Mestic quartz heater MQK-200 is easy to carry around. The heater has two heat settings that you can set yourself: 400 W and 800 W. The heater is also equipped with added safety features, so you don’t run the risk of accidents. The anti-tip protection ensures that the device switches off automatically when it falls over. Thanks to the touch protection, you never touch the heat source directly thanks to a grille that is in place to prevent you from accidentally burning yourself. This means that you can safely maintain a pleasant temperature all the time.

The room will be warm in no time with the Mestic quartz heater MQK-200. The heater has two heat settings and is easy to move around. It is the ideal heater for enclosed spaces: in the caravan or camper van during your camping trips or as an extra heater in the house.


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Article number 1503010
Connection voltage 220-240 V
Dimensions (lxwxh) 27 x 15 x 37 cm
EAN-code 8712757465897
Weigth 1 kg
Colour Grey
Fall protection Yes
Oscillation function No
Heating type Halogen
Ventilation function No
Heating levels 400 & 800 W
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