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Split unit air conditioner SPA-3000


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» Cooling capacity: 895W
» For spaces up to 25m3
» Mounting type: flexible
» Adjustable to 16 - 30°C
  • BTU - 3050
  • decibel - 53
  • gewicht 22,5 kg
  • Nachtmodus
  • Speeds - 3

Split unit air conditioner SPA-3000

The Mestic Split Unit air conditioning system is all about convenience. Installing this unit is easier than ever before and, as an added bonus, it is completely portable. In other words, if and when you upgrade your vehicle, you can just take your air conditioner with you! Thanks to this compact air conditioning system, the climate inside your vehicle remains pleasantly cool even on a hot day.

Innovative installation method

Keep your vehicle pleasantly cool at all times thanks to the Mestic Split Unit Air Conditioner. This innovative air conditioning system has two elements that are connected via the window. The condenser is located on the outside of the vehicle and the evaporator is placed on the inside. You use a dedicated brace to mount the split unit air conditioner to the window. You can adjust this brace on a continuous scale, which makes it suitable for many different caravan types. What’s more, you can open and close the window as you normally would! Installing this air conditioning system is a piece of cake. You can simply do it yourself. The system is not mounted on a permanent basis, which means that the split unit air conditioner can be removed easily for use in a different location.

Main advantages

  • Simple, universal installation method
  • 895 W cooling power
  • Works as a dehumidifier
  • Includes sleep setting
  • 3 different ventilation settings
  • Low noise emission level of 53 dB

Pleasantly cool at any time

The compact size of the Mestic Split Unit Air Conditioner means that it takes up very little space in your vehicle. However, in terms of cooling power, it is up there with the best! This air conditioning unit has a cooling power of 895 W, which means that it is able to maintain a wonderfully cool atmosphere in spaces of up to 25m3. Nevertheless, the Mestic split unit air conditioning only uses 400 W (on average). This makes it the perfect unit for all of your camping trips as you can use it pretty much anywhere!  The air conditioner has three different ventilation settings and produces very little noise. During the night it can be switched over to the 'sleep' function. This means that the air conditioner is very silent, with no lights showing, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep at comfortable temperatures.

Thanks to the Mestic Split Unit Air Conditioner the climate in your camper of caravan is always pleasantly cool. Perfect after a day spent in the sun!

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Article number 1503030
Connection voltage 230 V AC
Number of ventilation levels 3
Dimensions 45 x 31 x 20 cm
Width indoor unit 37 cm
Width outdoor unit 31 cm
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