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Washing machine MW-100


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» Washing capacity: 2kg
» 1 washing program
» Lightweight
» Powerful quiet copper engine
  • gewicht - 5,0 kg
  • kleding gewicht - 2,0 kg
  • Volt 220-240
  • watt - 180

Washing machine MW-100

Would you like to put on a wash when you’re out camping? You can do this easily with the Mestic MW-100 washing machine. This is how you can benefit from fresh and clean clothes wherever you are. Even if your chosen camping spot has no laundry facilities!

Do your laundry wherever you want!

The Mestic MW-100 washing machine is designed especially for you if you plan to camp out for longer periods of time. You can now wash your clothes as often as you like, even if your chosen campsite does not have laundry facilities. This washing machine is able to handle up to 2 kilograms of dry laundry in one go. The long-lasting motor of this washing machine does not contain a carbon brush, which means that the machine is anchored by a permanent magnet. As a result, the motor is energy-efficient, less likely to overheat and produces less noise. What’s not to like?

Main advantages

  • Capacity: 2 kg of dry laundry
  • Easy to transport
  • Low in weight
  • Energy-efficient

How does the Mestic washing machine work?

The Mestic washing machine is very easy to use. Simply connect the water supply hose to a tap and connect the other end to the washing machine. Then turn on the tap and let the correct quantity of water run into the plastic drum. The detergent is then added by means of the valve. The washing machine has a built-in timer, which makes it easy for you to specify how long the wash should take. If your laundry is very dirty, select a setting of 12 or 15 minutes. After doing the laundry, please allow the water to flow away by means of the draining hose. Wring out your clothes and replace them in the drum. Allow the drum to fill up once again, select the rinsing time and drain the water after rinsing. If you would like to repeat these steps, do not add any further detergent.

Thanks to this washing machine, you no longer need to drag bags of clothes along with you when you travel. You can simply wash your clothes whenever you need them! The MW-100 is the ideal compact washing machine when you are on the road.


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Article number 1502260
Connection voltage 220-240 V
Dimensions 38,5 x 36,5 x 51,0 cm
EAN-code 8712757442546
Energy label A
Warranty 2 years
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