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Refrigerator compressor MR-42


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» Cooling capacity: -10 up to +8°C
» Large freezer compartment (10L)
» Digital display
» Cooling system on movable bracket
  • Cooling -10/+8
  • Gewicht - 14,5 kg
  • Liter - 42 L
  • Volt 12-24 DC

Refrigerator compressor MR-42

Are you looking for a powerful built-in camping refrigerator with a freezer compartment? The Mestic compressor refrigerator MR-42 cools and freezes between -10 °C and +8 °C. The cooling system is mounted on a movable bracket, allowing you to efficiently arrange the space where the fridge will be placed.

Camping fridge with freezer compartment

The Mestic compressor refrigerator MR-42 makes it possible to cool and freeze simultaneously. The fridge has a cooling department with a capacity of 32 L and a freezer compartment with a volume of 10 L. You control the temperature of the fridge and freezer compartments separately and precisely on the display. Set the temperature of the freezer compartment between -10°C and 0°C and the fridge compartment between 0°C and +8°C. As you prefer, you can mount the fridge door to open to the left or right. Do you want to clean the fridge thoroughly? Thanks to the removable door gasket, this is an easy task!

Main benefits

  • Cooling from +8 °C to 0 °C and freezing to -10 °C
  • Large freezer compartment (10 L)
  • Cooling system on a movable bracket
  • Removable door gasket
  • Door can be mounted to open to the left or right
  • Accurate temperature control with the display

Cooling system on a movable bracket

The biggest advantage of the Mestic MR-42 built-in compressor refrigerator? The moveable bracket allows the cooling system to be mounted up to 1.5 m away from the fridge in a location of your choice. That way, you can arrange the space where you want to place your refrigerator more efficiently. Furthermore, the refrigerator is only 38 cm deep if the bracket is not mounted to the back of the fridge.

Keep food and drinks fresh and chilled during your camping holiday with the Mestic compressor refrigerator MR-42. The refrigerator has a freezer compartment, a removable door gasket and a display to set the temperature.

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Article number 1512700
Connection voltage 12-24 V
Dimensions 52 x 38,6 x 53 cm
Display Digital display
EAN-code 8712757479948
Weigth 14,5 kg
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