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AC adapter for MCC / MCCHD / MCCA cool boxes


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» Convert 230V adapter to 12V
» Output voltage: 14.5V
» Continuous loading capacity: 6.0A
» Working voltage: 224-240V
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AC adapter for MCC / MCCHD / MCCA cool boxes

Would you like to be able to connect your Mestic compressor cool box to 230V in addition to 12V? With this adapter, you will be able to do that. It allows you to connect your cool box to an electrical outlet as well.

Adapter for Mestic compressor cool boxes

The Mestic compressor cool boxes normally run on 12 volts. But with this adapter, you ensure that they can also be connected to 230 volts. The user-friendly adapter conveniently converts power, so you can use your compressor cooler as a freezer or refrigerator wherever you want.

Key features

  • Adapter converts 12V connection to 230V
  • Suitable for the Mestic compressor cool boxes

Mestic compressor cool boxes

The compressor cool boxes from Mestic have a very powerful cooling capacity and function like the refrigerator you are used to at home. The cool boxes have a cooling capacity of + 10 °C to - 18 °C. Therefore, you can even use them as a freezer. The touch LCD display allows you to easily set the desired cooling temperature. The cool boxes have a large capacity, so you can keep all your groceries fresh while you are on holiday. All in all, the Mestic compressor cool box comes in handy during any holiday!

Choose whether you connect your Mestic cool box to 12V or 230V. This adapter allows you to use your Mestic compressor cooler wherever you want, on the go or at the campsite.

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Article number 1502950
Connection voltage 224-240 / 50 Hz
Dimensions 12,9 x 5,7 x 3,2 cm
EAN-code 8712757465972
Warranty 2 Years
Weigth 0,5 kg

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